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My Ebenezer Series (Abridged)

This is an overview of My Ebenezer series. A narrative of the Lord’s past, present, and future pursuit; a place of defeat, a place of lamentation, and a place of victory.

In the last year, I've struggled to put to words, let alone constrain it to paragraphs, the movements of the almighty God. After grasping for sentences that simply could not convey the gratitude and awe I held, I began my own renaissance, diving into a space of declaration and remembrance of the Lord's faithful pursuit and healing.

This series is raw and real, portraying the beautiful yet painful narrative of encounter, transformation, patience, equipping, and calling.

The seven pieces are hung in chronological order.

(1) “Depths of My Soul” details a fresh and holy encounter within brokenness and messy defeat.

(2) With “Anew,” I wanted to depict the excruciating liberation and vulnerability of dying to your old self and being transformed from old wineskins into new.

(3) “Shadows of Was” was painted in heartbreak. A reminder that new growth does not come without intimate pruning. I found healing in the permission and space of woeful reminiscence of past blooms while still finding gratitude and joy for all that lies ahead.

Painting of pruned rose bush

(4)“Waiting in the Wheat” comes from an image from God of being expectant but present as He readies me for His call.

(5) “Equip Me” depicts the way I have continually related with my Creator -- being clay in His hands as he has molded and shaped me. However, as the Lord has pursued me, trained me, and guided me this last year, I feel a pull to step towards His new call to be co-creators with Him.

(6) “Here and Now” was painted when I was baptized this year. An ode to the Holy waters of baptism, but also a reminder in the times I felt overwhelmed by the Lord’s great call, that your individual drop of impact begins here and now, exactly where the Lord has placed you. In steps of obedience, He will diligently carry out the ripple effect to a degree far more than we could ask or imagine.

(7) Lastly, I felt the series would not be complete without a seventh piece, for which I have left blank; primed with purpose.

My prayer is that elements of this series will resonate deeply and uniquely with individuals that come to soak in the goodness of God's reminders. That it would stir up questions, desire, longing, peace, healing, and hope.

The Lord is so good. It is a privilege to cultivate a space to share these pieces with all who come.

If you have questions or would like to discuss further, please do not hesitate to reach out and here or DM me on instagram (

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