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"Heart of the Hive" : Bridgetown Ebenezer

"Heart of the Hive" was created to commemorate the opening of the Bridgetown Prayer Room. This art piece is a memorial of victory, or an "ebenezer," of the 75 days of unceasing prayer, day and night, from Feb. 1 to Easter Sunday, 2022. It stands as a symbol for the church and its transition from a land of deliverance into a land of inheritance Joshua 4).

While inspired by elements of the building architecture, it also reflects the spiritual values of Bridgetown — that we would be a people of prayer, presence, and mission.

The hexagons artistically allude to that of a beehive, inspired by Pete Grieg, of 24-7 Prayer International, and his vision of Bridgetown as a beehive for the world. The globe represents the heart of the hive, that of prayer and presence, fueling the light in the darkness. The hope is that we would be stirred by prayer and conversation with God and become equipped to stretch far beyond the walls of this building.

Covering the globe are written prayers carefully chosen from the prayer room walls. The outward facing papers are prayers for Portland and the world, while hidden prayers of honesty face inward toward the light, a reminder of how the power of God's transformation at the core of our individual lives transforms the collective.

Surrounding the hive are 24 fluttering framed prayers from the prayer room, representative of every hour of the day prayed, creating conceptual movement of outward mission to and from the light of the hive.

May this piece be a continual reminder of answered prayer, powerful faith, transformation, and victory for Bridgetown and beyond as sweet honey in this land of inheritance.

Soli Deo Gloria. May He do it again.

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