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Enchantments of the Mundane

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Have you ever watched light pervade the jigsaw panes of stained glass? Inviting its vibrant hues to dance along the room. Or stopped for inhale as the earthy smell of a summer’s rain taunts the horizon? Or pondered the wearer of shoes as they scuttle left, right, swift, measured, amongst tireless city streets -- each belonging to a particular mission? Life is overflowing with the mundane and ordinary, often overlooked by the changing chaos of being.

In rather involuntary personal reflections of the last year, many were met with a strange awakening through the slow-down of quarantine in 2020. For most, the routine bustling was halted and greeted with an unusual chance to ease the mayhem of time. Culinary and crafting hobbies were explored, community was created from neighboring balcony windows, and time stood still, nestled in the uncertainty. Even amidst the grave pain and loss, the world found a certain fundamental beauty in the imposed slowness of humanity at that time. However, just as quickly as the world was thrown into lockdown, it will easily forget the patterns of slowness as life resumes to its previous attempt at fullness once more.

In an endeavor to remind yourself of the enchantments of the ordinary, I implore you to focus on the stillness and peace of the forgotten in a world that spins around in chaos. The beauty of the overlooked, the joy of the mundane. Though the world resumes, the ruthless life of hurry need not stunt your search for ordinary treasures. There is power in the mind and innocent eyes of a child; finding fascination, laughter, intrigue, and joy in the mundane. Though life’s toils pull us here and there, may we never forget the roots of our child-like wonder, inspired and fascinated with the beauty of nature and the emotion it evokes.

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