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Safe Space

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Coffee and campfires. While not interchangeable, they share a similar quality: the ability and power to welcome people in, to draw connection, to create community. Many formative conversations in my life have been spent around one or the other. Absorbing stories, experiences, laughter, and life.

I have had the great privilege of meeting new and old souls in such gatherings. Garnering stories of past and far-off dreams; some nostalgia, some regret, some pride in the lives they've explored -- each leaving me with the imprint of desire. A desire to live a life to the fullest extent in which I have been called. A life with minimal "wish I hads." A life to inspire others and bring them into beautiful and holy community.

The more I grow and experience life, the more confident I feel about being called into art + faith + and community. Creating a safe space for sisters and brothers to create and find community is a life passion. To have a space that welcomes all to inch a little closer to their core the way a campfire or cup of coffee does.

Here's to stoking new fires and pouring fresh brews.

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